Welcome to Nevureal! The crew contains two members. Johnny & Filip. We are two guys from Sweden born 1989. Both of us are making progress in the world of programming which in this case happens to be the game genre. The aim of this site is to give you out there a chance to follow our progress as we go. See what we've done before, what we are doing currently and hopefully what we will establish in the future. Under the Tutorial tab you will be able to see some examples done by us. Some of the tutorials like OpenGL will be based on Nehe's code basis and SDL will be based on LazyFoo's code basis. Examples we create will be clearly covered so that beginners also have a shot to grab the rope and hang on. Some of the examples will also show some plain and simple code but be shown how its useful in more advanced topics. A good example in this would be the Math/Physics section which Filip holds. Everything we do will be open source and the downloadable source code will be aimed for Dev-cpp. Hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to contact us!